Dog Ears Bookstore & Café, 688 Abbott Road, Buffalo, will host author Mike Maccalupo for a book-signing event from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 30.

Maccalupo’s latest book, “Death by Incarceration,” is his first non-fiction novel. Released in July, this new book chronicles the life, murders, trial, incarceration and ministry of Larry Stromberg, an up-and-coming Philadelphia actor and screenwriter who murdered his wife and mother-in-law in 1996. After his conviction and sentencing to two consecutive life sentences he begins his search for God which leads him to start a ministry to spread God’s words through plays performed on stage for other convicts in the hope to bring them closer to God.

Maccalupo has been writing poetry, essays, short stories and story ideas since his early college years. From these was born “Where the Road Begins,” his first novel, which contains many of these poems and shorter pieces.

His second novel, “Murder at Ravenswood Hall,” was published spring 2012. It takes readers from Southeastern North Carolina to Western New York to find the killer of a close friend of Hap, Joanie, Slick and Susie, the main characters from the first book. This was his first murder mystery, but not his last!

The “Almost Definitive Collection Vol. 1,” released in May 2013, is a collection of short “Stories of the Macabre,” “Introspective Essays,” “Dead Dog & Other Tales” (poems) and “Husbands-in-Law” (a three-act play).

“The Allentown Murders,” his third novel (sequel to Murder at Ravenswood Hall), is a murder mystery following in the vein of his last novel. Many of the same characters will be involved in the hunt for the murderer. As with his previous novels there are historic events and well-known locations in Western New York and Southeastern North Carolina, and unusual twists that will keep you guessing as to “whodunit!”

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Daniel Bentivogli, author of The Adventures of Sticky McGooey and Friends: Vexed With an X, will visit Dog Ears Bookstore & Café for a book-signing event at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 12. The nonprofit community bookstore is located at 688 Abbott Road in South Buffalo.

Bentivogli is a retired water quality professional who has delighted children for years with science-based fanciful tales. He knows science is stranger than fiction and that fiction is very strange, and the result is this fascinating book.

In this whimsical adventure, Sticky McGooey is so tall and thin he looks like a zipper, while his best friend Beef Palumbo is so big and wide he resembles a wall. They always have each other’s back and they are always ready for fun and adventure!

When Sticky finds himself rudely whapped in the face by a big wind-blown X, Beef comes to his aid and off they go to find the source of the vexing X. Along the way they enlist the help of their friend, Alice McGillicuddy, and her wise dog friend Howard. An expert professor and his excited team of X-searching students join the party.

They search for the X from Texas to Cuba and back. Throughout the journey they encounter strange vortex currents, plundering pelicans and frigate birds, wise whales and amazing microscopic creatures as old as the solar system. They experience the dramatic forces of the electro-magnetic field and learn all about water.

Never have a group of friends had so much fun while learning of the plight of the oceans, the astonishing abilities of birds, the hospitality of other cultures and the Lost Colony of early colonial settlers. The story is whimsical like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and as instructive as a science class.

The Adventures of Sticky McGooey and Friends was illustrated by Michael Donovan and published by NFB Publishing.

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Dog Ears Bookstore & Café will host its annual Kids “I Read It” Run for children 10 and under at 10 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 24, at the Cazenovia Park Casino in South Buffalo.

There will be four age categories: Under 4, 4 and 5, 6 and 7 and 8 to 10. There will also be plenty of prizes and surprises for participants. The event will coincide with the last day of the popular South Buffalo Farmers’ Market.

The pre-registration cost is $10, with registrations due by Sept. 22. Please contact the bookstore for details. The cost is $12 on the day of the race.

A nonprofit neighborhood bookstore, Dog Ears Bookstore & Café is located at 688 Abbott Road in South Buffalo. For more information, please call 823-2665 or stop by the bookstore. You can also follow Dog Ears Bookstore on Facebook for frequent updates.

South Buffalo’s community bookstore and gathering place, Dog Ears Bookstore & Café, is partnering with People Inc. to offer the Enlightenment on Wheels program. Through the program, People Inc. senior tenants living in People Inc. senior living locations can fill out a form and Dog Ears then sends two books to each individual every other week, perpetuating the reading process and keeping their minds sharp!

“We love to see all people with a book,” said Dog Ears Director Thomas McDonnell. “The program also allows some of the participants an opportunity to get out into the community as they pick up and distribute the books to five participating sites. The program allows us to ensure that People Inc. seniors have an opportunity to live, travel, learn and enjoy all that these stories have to offer.”

Dog Ears is located at 688 Abbott Road. For more information on the nonprofit community bookstore, please call 823-2665 or follow Dog Ears on Facebook for frequent updates.

The Erie County Sheriff Department’s horticulture program at the Alden Correctional Facility provides an opportunity for inmates to learn about and grow plants and vegetables, and recently donated a variety of flowers and plants to Dog Ears Bookstore & Café! Each year the program selects worthy organizations to benefit from this experience and First Deputy Superintendent Paul Evans and Captain Pete Priester made it possible for Dog Ears to be a 2017 recipient!